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10 Things you can do to Save on your next Electricity Bill

Living in the Midwest, we all know exactly what the 4 seasons feel like and how to prepare for them. Spring tends to be the shortest of these, yet also a favorite time of year. However, what we can all agree on is that this season tends to spark the tug of war between temperatures like no other. One day we have a glimpse of the beautiful warm temperatures ahead and the next we are shoved right back into the low digits.

Both extremes inspire us to fiddle with our thermostat more times than we would care to admit. While I understand this temptation to crank the heat or AC up (depending on the day), it can really take a toll on your bills.

SO, what can you do?

If you face this problem every spring, here are a few ways that you can save money on your next bill and increase your home’s efficiency…

10 Things you can do to Save on your next Electricity Bill

  1. Have those days where you shut everything off. Stop the battle between heat and air and just make use of the natural temperature. That could be as simple as cracking the windows or closing the blinds. Just make sure to turn off your AC if you open the windows.
  2. Install a programmable thermostat. If you can’t commit to turning off everything, consider this option. This quick fix will boost your energy efficiency and make a big difference in your next bill. It  will also take out the decision making process of what temperature to set.
  3. Do not place lamps or TV’s near your programmable thermostat. The thermostat can sense their heat, thereby causing the AC to be on longer than necessary.
  4. Make the switch to LED light bulbs. Although they technically cost more, they last a LOT longer and they do not emit heat (so they will not affect your thermostat’s readings). Typical LED bulbs last around 50,000 hours and cost you about $30/year. In comparison, fluorescent bulbs last around 10,000 hours and cost about $75/year.
  5. Try using your ceiling fans for air cooling instead of relying solely on your air conditioner.
  6. Change your furnace filters. Although we are nearing the end of heating season, it’s still important to chance out your filters to help your furnace run effectively. Especially if you are the person who will probably turn the heat on again during those rain heavy weeks this spring.
  7. Take the time to learn more about your usage. Look at your last bill. What drains the most energy in your household? Once you figure out the source, it should be even easier to identify how to minimize costs.
  8. Have clothing layers available and make sure to wear appropriate clothing for weather inside and outside. Be prepared for both hot and cold temperatures to hit your home in this time of transition. Every day is going to be a little different.
  9. Open your blinds during the day to let in the natural light (and warmth). If it’s too warm out, why not actually open your windows? (Again, just remember to turn off your AC if you do this)
  10. Schedule your next HVAC inspection. Spring provides an ideal time to get your unit checked out to ensure everything is working properly.

As always, should you need any HVAC assistance, we are available 24/7! Call 563-391-1344 to schedule an appointment.

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