10 Things You MUST Consider Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

Congratulations, you’re finally ready to take a serious look at that remodeling project. You’ve probably got those big items in mind that you want to take care of in your bathroom remodel, but what about all the little details?

Because we don’t want you to get mid-project before you think about them, we’ve compiled a quick list…

10 things you absolutely need to think about BEFORE you start:

  1. Make sure you have all materials before you start
    • Larger and/or special-order items can take weeks to arrive. Make sure you wait for everything to come before you start tearing up everything, only to find out you need one of the items you are waiting for.
  2. Think about your preferred storage options
    • Everyone wants to think about their new project from an aesthetic view, but you should also consider the practicality of  your new space. Where have you always wanted more space? You can make it happen! Ex.’s:
      • Shower: in shower shelving
      • Toilet: shelving units designed for over toilet tanks
      • Miscellaneous: hanging baskets
  3. Don’t forget about your lighting
    • Don’t let your outdated lighting fixtures spoil your beautiful new investment. The perfect lighting will work to highlight all of your hard work, but don’t let this part of the project pass you by. Plan on assessing this early on so you figure out if you need new cable.
  4. Choose your new fixtures wisely
    • Don’t go for the cheapest ones out there. Chances are that the fixture is on sales for a reason, maybe difficult to install – or when you inevitably go to replace them even in a couple of years, they will already be discontinued. This isn’t the place to save your pennies, go for a great brand that will guarantee your family a bathroom that is here to stay.
  5. Don’t move around your plumbing fixtures if you don’t need to
    • Keeping them near existing pipes will save you lots of money. If you absolutely must move something, make sure to leave room in your budget (as you will certainly need a plumber’s assistance).
  6. Pick a floor that is both durable and attractive 
    • Ceramic, marble or stone tiles are all wonderful and water-resistant choices.
Ex. of Modern Shower and Plumbing Fixtures
  • Make your decision on shower vs. bathtub
    • Shower: Consider a more modern open-concept that won’t require a shower curtain and rod. A ceiling mounted showerhead will help to minimize the water outside of your shower area.
    • Bathtub: Test it out before you buy it. Seems silly but make sure you and all of your family members will be able to use it comfortable sit in it.
    • If you are looking at changing a shower to bathtub or vice-versa, make sure to prepare your budget accordingly.
  • Invest in a good quality toilet
    • You don’t need to buy the fanciest one in the store, but you probably don’t want to have to continuously buy new parts for it either. After all, it is something you’re guaranteed to use every single day… usually toilets with longer bowls and seats are comfortable for most everyone.
  • Check your bathroom ventilation
    • Having great bathroom ventilation is essential for any bathroom remodel. Ideally, your bathroom should remove the excess humidity which fogs up your mirrors and creates mold. Also, the bathroom vent and fan should direct air to the outside, not just to the ceiling and back.
  • Tell your contractor what you are doing
    • Make sure you are both on the same page. Let him/her know what you are doing and what you will specifically need their help with. If they know your plan, they will be more helpful in determining how and when their work should be accomplished.
  • We wish you good luck on your new endeavor – and hope you found the post helpful!

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