4 Easy Ways to Reduce Your AC Spend This Summer

Because those hot temperatures are sticking around, we can all assume that we’re likely to have increased cooling costs for this upcoming season. The hotter it gets, the more we want to give into the cool luxury of AC…

HOWEVER, there are a few easy things you can do to help lower your home cooling bills this year. Here are your quick tips:

4 Easy Ways to Reduce Your AC Spend this Summer

  1. Do a quick home audit.

  • Stand outside home and run hand along windows and doors. If you find drafts, you may require caulking around windows or need to look into insulation options.
  1. Evaluate your thermostat placement.

  • Location of your home thermostat is extremely important, as these controls are greatly influenced by their placement.
  • BEST place to put your thermostat? Your most used room of the house – on an interior wall.
  • Worst places: by a door or on an exterior wall. Avoid any areas exposed to the biggest temperature extremes in your home.
  • Don’t have a thermostat? They’re a fantastic investment for your home – click here to read our top 5 reasons to get one
  1. Take a moment to think about your thermostat practices.

  • Make sure to turn up the temperature when you leave. Just make sure you don’t turn off your AC.
  • Always keep your temperature set at the highest temp you can stand. Even a few degrees can make a huge impact on your cooling costs.
  1. Replace your AC filters regularly.

  • We recommend changing your filters monthly.
  • Change based on your needs. Every home and family is different. You may need to change more or less often based on the # of occupants or the type of occupants you have (especially if you have furry ones!). Those with allergies or air quality concerns will require more frequent filter changes.