8 Reasons to be thankful for your plumbing

In honor of World Plumbing Day (March 11th), we decided to go through and find the top reasons that we should be grateful for our plumbing systems. Just because plumbing is not something you actively think about on a daily basis, doesn’t mean it’s not something you’re thankful for every day.

According to the Washington Post coverage of the 2014 U.S. Census, there are still 1.6 Million Americans living without indoor plumbing. If you’re lucky enough to have indoor plumbing in your home, here are your…

TOP 8 Reasons to be thankful for your plumbing:

  1. You don’t have to use an outhouse – your toilet is inside!
    • Not having to go outside every time you need to use the facilities, as well as not worrying about having to clean it out… HUGE benefit!
  2. You don’t have to sorry about how many times the water must be used.
    • Before indoor plumbing, you would have to think about how each bucket of water would be used. Cooking, cleaning, bathing, etc. And if you needed to use the water more than once you certainly needed to think about it strategically.
  3. You get to enjoy all of the luxuries of a modern kitchen.
    • Just think how much easier cooking is because of your access to running water in the kitchen. Quick access to water means no lugging in water from the outside every time you need it. Huge benefit too if your kitchen has access to luxuries such as garbage disposals and dishwashers.
  4. You no longer really need to think of washing clothes as a huge effort.
    • Washing clothes is SO much easier than it used to be. Access to a washing machine is a wonderful benefit. So maybe you have a few nicer items that you still need to hand wash – but can you imagine doing all of your clothing by hand. Yeah, that’s what a chore really is.
  5. You don’t have to worry about your water being safe to use on a daily basis.
    • Safety is always something to be thankful for! While we wouldn’t recommend drinking your tap water (at least not without a water test), your water is safe for of your other daily uses. And easily drinkable with a filtration pitcher, or perhaps via your fridge.
  6. You have the opportunity for good hygiene every day!
    • This is probably one of the biggest luxuries of indoor plumbing. You are able to take showers whenever you want – and stay as clean as often as you like. Not everyone has this opportunity to pick and choose.
  7. You don’t have to collect your rain water – that is unless you want to?
    • Basically, you don’t have to constantly think about collecting water every chance you get. But if you are interested, here’s some great advice on how to collect rain water. Show link to how to collect water
  8. You have a variety of options to make your plumbing more efficient.
    • Water conservation efforts have come a long way – new fixtures are becoming more and more efficient, including shower heads, faucets, etc. These not only save water, but also help you save on your water bills. More information from the EPA can be found here.

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