Garage Air Conditioning: Choosing the best method for YOUR garage

How much time do you spend in your garage? Or better yet, how much time does your family spend in the garage? In my family, my grandpa is the one who practically lives in his garage during the summer months. It’s his perfect way to be “outside”, but still get his work done.

Even if you’re not the one spending your day in your garage, chances are you have a family member who likes to. Whether it’s a space for your car repair project, your make-shift man-cave or home gym, you’re probably looking to keep it cool during the summer months ahead.

However, we know your home and budget will have unique concerns that you will take into consideration for this cooling endeavor, so we have a few options for your garage air conditioning:

  1. Portable Air Conditioner. This is the option most people think of when it comes to garage air conditioning. However, this is usually NOT the best option for most homes because of the obstacles they usually face (listed below).

Difficulties to watch out for:

  • No Insulation in your Garage (your cooling system will have to work even harder)
  • Decreased Ventilation (if your garage doesn’t have a window)
  • Greater amounts of open space (you might need a larger unit depending on garage size)

If any of these seem like they might be difficulties for your home, check out the rest of our suggestions below:

  1. Window Unit. This ended up being my grandpa’s solution for his garage. If you have a window in your garage this could be a great option for you as well! This option is best for those with smaller garages, just make sure to set the temperature high so the compressor doesn’t wear out.
  2. Fan. Installing a ceiling fan or portable fan might just do the trick! The fans will keep the air moving in your garage; this is the best option for those with lower cost options.
  3. Dehumidifier. Taking out some of the air moisture can help your garage feel 5-10 degrees cooler. This is a great option for those looking for bigger changes without renovation costs.
  4. Insulation. While this is the most costly option, this is the best option for those who spend a LOT of time in their garage. Adding insulation will work to keep the temperature in your garage constant and allow you to use any of these cooling options with ease.

We hope you found this post helpful- and wish you good luck with your garage cooling!