How Long Have You Had Your? (The Life of Appliances)

When is the last time you have stopped to think how long you have had each of your appliances? Were you ever provided with approximate life and value of your appliances? Even for those who have had a house in their family for generations, it can still be difficult to remember EXACTLY when you purchased them. Having a strong connection with your home can greatly skew your perspective of a life estimate for your household items. This is usually due to appliances not remaining in great working order.

The average life of your appliance should be:

  • Furnace= life estimate of 18 years
  • Air Conditioner= life estimate of 15 years
  • Water Heater= life estimate of 8 to 12 years
  • Boiler= life estimate of 15 to 25 years

If you think your unit is approaching any of the above years, it’s definitely time to think about getting them checked out and/or start considering replacement.

NOTE: The above estimated lifespans are for appliances that have been well taken care of their entire life. So, if you admit that your family has a tendency to neglect the care of your appliances OR you really do not feel you have an idea of how the previous homeowner cared for them, then it’s a good idea to get them checked out for repair or replacement.

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