HOW TO Landscape around your Air Conditioner

I’m guessing a lot of you are trying to get a lot of your yard work and projects done before that intense July heat? I know we are! Yet, this year we are looking at one of the areas I had not previously considered: the part of our yard near our air conditioner. In our yard, it sticks out like a sore thumb and there’s absolutely nothing near by to distract from it.

Which led me to looking at options for planting around my air conditioner, we’re currently thinking along the lines of some shrubbery, as a tree might be too close to the lines of our neighbor’s home.

The top 5 things to look out for when you landscape around your AC:

  1. Plenty of Space. The unit should have 3 feet of space between it and any of your landscaping choices (plants, trees, etc.). A tree should be at least 5 feet above the top of the unit.
  2. Options for Shade. Every yard is different, but if your yard allows it, definitely consider a tree for your project. Taking your AC out of the heat will help it run at max efficiency.  If you are looking at tree options, just look for something that keeps its leaves year round so you can keep falling leaves out of your unit!
  3. Choice of Plant. Hedges or other shrubbery is another great way to conceal your unit, just make sure you trim them down throughout the year. Of course, you can chose flowers (won’t reach the same height) to beautify the space, just make sure you leave a path for technicians to come through.
  4. Lawn Care Warning. Take precautions and keep your lawn care equipment away from your air conditioner to avoid any damage to the unit. (ie. things getting kicked up under it)
  5. Surrounding Area Options. To keep grass and mud away from your motor, consider surrounding your unit with crushed rocks. This will help rainwater drain and keep your grass away. Plus, keeping foreign items out of your AC will keep your energy consumption low.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Good luck with your summer home project- please share your success photos with us!