HOW TO Prevent Sickness From Your Home

It’s finally starting to look like spring outside, and yet here you are with that pesky spring cold. Work, school, grocery store, gym…..with as many places as we go on a weekly basis, it’s hard to imagine that the place that could be making us sick could be our own home! (Gives a whole new meaning to the term “home sickness”…)

Yet, within the home there is constant exposure to toxins, mites, molds and other contaminants that can increase your family’s likelihood of getting sick. Check out these tips to help make your home safer for your family.

5 Ways to Prevent Sickness From Your Home:

  • Be mindful of your carpet cleaning. It is the season for cleaning and carpet cleaning is a huge part of keeping your home consistently clean. Vacuum your carpet at least once a week and have it deep cleaned every 2 years. If your family consists of pets and/or children, you may consider having this done annually. Make sure that you are using a unit with a HEPA filter so that the allergens in the air are being filtered, NOT poured back into your air circulation.
  • Get your AC clean and checked. This is especially important if you have anyone in your family with allergies. Toxins in the air can add to these issues. Not only is this going to help reduce the air contaminants in your home, but it’s also going to make your unit run much more efficiently.
  • Inspect your home for mold. Initially check your home for the obvious black mold, as well as leaks. Leaks are the common culprit for mold growth in your home and hidden ones can create some serious danger for your home.
    • Having your air ducts cleaned every couple of years will help to remove any mold or bacteria residing from the leftover water in the ducts.
    • Make sure you have a working bathroom fan. This will greatly help with humidity control – helping dry the air and decreasing the potential for mold.
  • Check your carbon monoxide monitor. If you don’t already have one, make sure to pick one up for your home. The gas is odorless and nearly impossible to detect without a monitor. Early on, carbon monoxide poisoning bears lots of similarity to a common flu. Having a monitor ensures that you can detect this gas early on and not risk exposure for your family.
  • Have your water checked. If you’re at all worried about the safety of the water in your area, you can always have it looked at. For more information regarding your home water safety, click here.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post – we hope you found it valuable for your home preparation. It’s a great time of the year for that air conditioner check up – so don’t hesitate to call us up and schedule yours today!