HOW TO Survive your Summer Office AC

So, we’re in the middle of July and it’s actually starting to feel like true summer outside. Amidst this sweaty and sticky weather is actually when our offices start to feel like the frozen tundra. Because, the outside humidity tends to bring out our grumpy side, the office air conditioning is dramatically changed to accommodate the vast majority of the people in the office.

While this logic makes sense, the problem with conditioning an office space is that it’s impossible to try and make everyone happy. Our core problem is that a person’s reaction to temperature relies upon lots of different influences. Examples being body composition, type of clothing, level of physical fitness, office space location, etc. And then of course, there’s the overplayed gender argument that women complain about this more than men.

Unfortunately, it does seem that the vast majority of women do still have more difficulty regulating temperature in the office/workplace. Now this could be our individual needs, our level of activity outside the office (perhaps less muscle mass to provide warmth), or even more likely, our difference in clothing preferences.

Okay, so now that I’ve let out a little bit of my ranting, you can probably tell what side of the fence I’m on. I’d say so far this summer, I’ve been cold about 4/5 weekly office days. However, I’ve also noticed it tends to be only myself and very few others who have this issue, so it seems as though they’ve accomplished making most people happy. If you’re like me though, you find it quite difficult to work while you are shivering. Nonetheless, I’ve done a little research and found a few items that have helped me the past couple months, so I’m hoping they will help you as well (spoiler: the hint is to layer!).

8 Clothing Items that will help you survive your office AC:

  1. Summer Scarfs/Shawls. I used to think these were silly to wear this time of year, but now I get them all the time for work. TJ Maxx has scarfs available year round, and they change up the fabric depending on the season.
  2. Light fabric, long sleeve blouses. Seems obvious, but also an effective staple. These are especially great on days where you might need to come to and from the office.
  3. Tights (or dress socks). I don’t do this one too often, but I like to have a pair in case it’s an unexpectedly colder day (with all this rain…). Plus, you can always take them off when you leave the office!
  4. Summer Jacket. Great item that you can use for a good chunk of the year. I got one at Old Navy in the spring and it’s been a lifesaver.
  5. Maxi Dress. Another great way to cover yourself inside, but not overheat when you step outside for lunch.
  6. Capris (or lightweight fabric pants). I’m not a huge fan of capris, but they will do the trick. Nothing worse than having to wear your thick heavy suit pants in the middle of summer! I also found a pair of lightweight pants at a local thrift shop that I love.
  7. Close-toe shoes (ex. flats). Not the most exciting option, but good for those with cold feet. Might even consider a pair of flat socks?
  8. Light sweater/cardigan. And last but not least, have that stand-by cardigan always at your desk. You won’t regret it, no matter what season it is!

And if that doesn’t work, you can always make yourself some more hot coffee or tea! I’ve stocked up myself…

If your office air conditioning problem is beyond a simple fix in wardrobe, remember Northwest can help with your business’ needs as well! For help with your commercial air conditioning, please contact our service manager Bill Durand at 563-391-1344.