How you SHOULD be taking care of your garbage disposal

We all have bad habits in our daily routine that make us human. Unfortunately, among those bad habits, we tend to make mistakes that will end up creating a big nuisance down the line. Say you’ve been hosting big game day feasts this past week and you’ve been dreading the constant cleaning up so you just start tossing things in the sink as an easy fix.

In this case, I’m talking about  a mistake that will definitely create a big mess if you don’t take preventative measures: taking care of your garbage disposal. Too many people treat their garbage disposals as all-inclusive trash disposals, causing them to work ineffectively, or break down all together.

Guidelines to follow when using your garbage disposal:

  1. Don’t overfill the disposal! An obvious one, but one that becomes less important the lazier we feel.
  2. Make sure to run water BEFORE you run the disposal, as well as AFTER you run it.
  3. Avoid pouring chemicals down the disposal. This does include bleach and drain cleaners.
  4. Make sure to use cold water to grind your food down, as hot water can lead to clogging the pipes (with your melted fatty foods).
  5. Check the owner’s manual to make sure you are only using the disposal for approved items. Do NOT use it to break down bones, glass, metal or rubber items.
  6. If there is something stuck in your disposal, ALWAYS use tongs or pliers to pull it out. Please please don’t ever try to use your hand.
  7. To clean your disposal: Fill it with ice cubes and a cup of rock salt. Run for 5 seconds. Avoid using lemons as the acid from them leaks to corroded metal inside your disposal.

And lastly, know when you need to call a professional. For instance, if there is water standing in your sink, it could mean a clogged drain in the disposal or further down. This would be a problem with your plumbing, NOT your garbage disposal.

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