Home Heating Tips – Part 2

Heating your home this winter

Here is the second of a mini-series with a lot of information on how to increase your home heating efficiency this winter. Got any tips of your own? Send us an email to callnw1923@gmail.com.

  1. Check the ductwork in your home, they may be crushed, dented, flattened, torn, etc. be sure that the cracks and crevices at the joints are properly sealed, ensuring that the heat is not spilling out into your attic or walls. If your clothes dryer is vented outside, don’t forget to make sure that a dryer vent seal is properly installed. This will prevent cold air from blowing in the duct, into your home. (Plus it will also help prevent unwanted rodent problems!)
  2. Change your furnace filter monthly. Low cost filters are available at the hardware store. You will greatly increase your unit’s heating efficiency by creating proper airflow.
  3. Remember to turn back your thermostat at night. By turning your thermostat back eight degrees for eight hours each night, you will reduce your annual heating bill by 10%. You can further save money by installing a programmable thermostat so you don’t have to remember to do anything.
  4. Use a humidifier, an increase in humidity will automatically make the air feel warmer.
  5. Switch to flannel sheets and bedding.