The Furnace Filter Article of Your Dreams

While it may sound as though your furnace is running well, your furnace may be working 2, 3, or even 5 times harder than it needs to because of a clogged furnace filter. While it is a simple task to change out the air filter on your furnace, many people just plain

forget to do it. The filter is a small piece of your furnace, but determines a lot of how efficient it is. In this post you will find a walk through ‘How To’ of how to change your furnace filter.

How to: Change a Furnace Filter

  1. Locate your filter
  2. Remove the filter from the unit carefully and hold it up to a light. If you can see through the filter easily, it does not need to be changed and you can put it back into your furnace. However, if you cannot see through the filter, it either needs to be cleaned, or replaced
  3. If the filter is made of plastic or metal, simply clean it following the manufacturer’s instructions and put the filter back.
  4. If your filter is made of fiberglass you are going to need to purchase a new filter. Before you do this: make sure to check the measurements of your current furnace filter. You can purchase new filters at your local hardware store.
  5. Once you get your new filter home, locate the arrows on it.
  6. Make sure the arrows are pointed in the right direction and feed the new filter into your furnace. The arrow needs to point towards the motor blower so that air flows through the filter.

If you followed those steps – you now get to forget about your filter for another 30 days or so. Be sure to set a reminder on your phone or calendar to remind you to change your filter, or at least to check if it needs to be changed. Changing furnace filters every 30-90 days can save you up to $100 a year.

This task is simple, but can really add up over time in savings!!