Your 5 “Last Minute” Tips for Winter Preparation

With the possibility of snow this weekend and plunging temperatures, it looks as though we are finally going to have to get out all that winter “stuff” that MOST of us dread year after year. Why, oh why do we live in the Midwest…? If you’re like me and like to wait until the absolute last day to get everything out, then this winter preparation checklist is for you!

You’re already spending so much money heating your home, you might as well make sure that heat stays inside to keep you warm! Winterizing your home is the best practice to help you keep all of that heat that you are already generating for your use. Save yourself some money this winter by giving your home some love with these!

Your 5 “last minute” winter preparation tips:

  1. Turn on Your Furnace! If you haven’t already turned it on (which actually wouldn’t be completely surprising with this year’s weather), then please turn on your unit. Letting your unit run for a few days will ensure that you know it is running properly. Don’t wait until the first freezing cold night to find out!
  2. Clean Out Your Gutters. Yes, this is a seemingly never ending chore… although, you are definitely not going to regret getting it done one more time before the first snow falls!
  3. Bring out the heavy drapes and rugs. If you change out your home décor for seasonal changes, don’t forget to make this transition. You will thank yourself come mid-winter. However, if we do get a nice sunny winter day, you can open them up and let in that natural light warmth.
  4. Get your Fireplace cleaned. If you have a fireplace, make sure it has been properly cleaned and inspected this year. Otherwise, be sure to get your appointment in so that this doesn’t fall by the way side. Lastly, remember to close it up when not in use, so that you can keep the warm air you do have inside the house.
  5. Restock your home emergency kit. It’s a great time to get all of those necessary items before the cold sets in!

The bare minimum:

  • Bottled Water
  • Flashlight (+batteries)
  • Canned Goods (+ opener)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Weather Radio (battery operated preferably)
  • Lantern (battery powered camp lantern)

Last note: If you haven’t already… don’t forget to schedule your furnace clean & check! Ideally, you would have scheduled this earlier this month or last month – BUT if you are really holding out then please make your appointment with a qualified technician.

It really is important to make sure your unit running at the highest efficiency level – so you can get the most out of your unit AND save money. You can always contact us at 563-391-1344 to schedule an appointment!