HOW TO Get the Most out of your AC

I’m assuming if you have found this article, that you have an air conditioner, correct. So,you know that when summertime comes, so does that increase in your electricity bill. However, there are things you can do to  maximize your AC efficiency and help lower your utility bills.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most of that AC (& help keep costs down)

Tips to increase your AC efficiency

  1. Avoid immediately cranking your AC into “ice-cube” mode. This will not cool your home any faster and will actually waste energy. Start with a middle-ground temperature that you can “deal with” and then gradually decrease the temperature.
  2. Consider installing a programmable thermostat. This will work WITH the AC that you already have! Plus it will help you with BOTH now with your cooling and later with your heating costs.
  3. Open your windows at night. Of course, please turn off your AC when doing this! If it’s a cool enough night, the natural breeze will be great for sleeping. Also, when you close the windows come morning, some of this cool air will be saved in your home (making it easier to cool for the day).
  4. Use those ceiling fans! A ceiling fan will help decrease the temperature in the room and allow you to use LESS AC for the same exact temperature.
  5. Check to see if your air ducts are insulated and sealed. This will help you keep that cool air and let out the hot air. Loss in the ducts can account for a huge excess of energy consumption and not make the room “feel” like the temperature you set it to.
  6. And finally, make sure to clean those AC filters! This is the easiest way to make sure that your AC is working at maximum efficiency levels.

We hope you found these quick tips useful and applicable for your home cooling system. If you are unhappy with your current air conditioner, don’t hesitate to give us a call! 563-391-1344

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