Your Fall Maintenance Checklist

Next week marks the first official day of fall, which means we’re finally starting to accept the upcoming seasonal change. Getting in the spirit means you’ll start getting out the fall decorations, unpacking some of your light sweaters, thinking about Halloween costumes for the kids…and your fall maintenance!

When those leaves start turning, it’s also an indication to start thinking about the upcoming changes for your home as well. Why not take advantage of this perfect weather – and get some of your fall tasks done early.

Not sure where to begin? To help you get started…

Your 5 step fall maintenance checklist:

  1.  Turn Off your Sprinklers
    a. This one is always hard for those of us who love our beautiful green lawns, but it’s time! Make sure to also drain out your hoses as well.
  2.  Clean Out the Gutters
    a. You’re likely going to have to do this a few times before winter hits, but it’s a good idea to get in
    the habit now. Ensuring that your gutter is clear of
    leaves and water will keep you from dealing with a frozen, stuffed up gutter when winter comes.
  3. Review your Home Insulation
    a. Your current home may already have insulation, but it’s always smart to inspect it every year for any parts that may need to be redone. If your doors and windows are not well-insulated, then you might want to consider it. Not only will your home be noticeably warmer come this winter, but you will significantly reduce your energy costs!
  4. Look out for any Exposed Pipe
    a. Any exposed pipes that need to be insulated are much easier to take care BEFORE cold weather sets in. The colder months tend to put even more pressure on your system, so you want to make sure you spot any problem areas early on.
  5. Check on Your Sump Pump and Your Water Heater
    a. Fall season signals the need to drain your water heater. This works to prevent sediment buildup and eventual rust. Your water heater should have an insulation blanket for the colder months.
    b. Your sump pump and water heater will likely need an inspection. Sump pumps need to be cleaned and inspected several times per year.


    • Depending on your personal level of experience, it is probable that you will need a professional for your maintenance. If so, do not hesitate to reach out to us- we would love to help and we’re here for you 24/7 at 563-391-1344!